Switzerland Grapples with Record-Breaking April Heatwave


Switzerland is currently experiencing an unprecedented April heatwave, with temperatures soaring to record highs across various parts of the country.

Over the weekend (5th-7th April 2024), Switzerland witnessed exceptionally warm weather, breaking daily temperature records for in several regions. The northern side of the Alps enjoyed the first summery day of the year, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, a rarity for this time of year. Basel and Chur were among the cities that experienced the highest temperatures, reaching midsummer levels of 28.8°C and 28.5°C, respectively. 

This surge in temperatures was attributed to a combination of factors, including abundant sunshine, warm air from the south, and a high-pressure area causing the air to sink and warm up further. The early onset of summer-like conditions has prompted both local and national responses, including the activation of heatwave plans and the issuance of public warnings.

Heat Warnings and Public Safety Measures

In response to the rising temperatures, MeteoSwiss, the national weather service, has been proactive in issuing heat warnings. 

Since 2005, MeteoSwiss has developed and refined its warning system, which now includes mean daily temperature calculations to account for both day and night-time temperatures. This approach allows for more accurate and timely warnings to the public about impending hot spells.

The City of Geneva had activated its heatwave plan last year following a warning issued by cantonal medical services. The plan included individual monitoring by the Social Service for those registered to benefit during periods of extreme heat. 

Daily phone calls were made to ensure the well-being of vulnerable populations, particularly the elderly, who are at a higher risk during such conditions. The city had also introduced new services to help residents cope with the heat, including free access to Varembé swimming pool and air-conditioned cinemas during the afternoon.

Looking Forward

Switzerland’s early April heatwave is a stark reminder of the changing climate and its impact on weather patterns. As temperatures continue to break records, the importance of preparedness and public safety measures becomes increasingly evident. Through the efforts of local and national authorities, Switzerland is taking significant steps to mitigate the effects of extreme heat and protect its residents. As the situation develops, it is crucial for individuals to stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure their health and safety during this unusually warm period.

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