Helvetica Times is an English-language news website based in Switzerland. Our small but dedicated team aspires to grow Helvetica Times into a trusted news source for expats, visitors, and locals who want quality reporting on Swiss current affairs.

As an English-language digital newspaper in Switzerland, we aim to explain the top national and regional news stories in a simplified yet accessible and interesting way. Our coverage spans politics, business, culture, travel, immigration, expat life, and local happenings.

As we establish ourselves, we are focused on building our reputation as a premier news site for Switzerland through solid original reporting and thoughtful curation of the day’s top stories. We believe that unbiased reporting presented clearly should be available to everyone in their preferred language. We want to empower Swiss and global citizens and strengthen connections worldwide by delivering indispensable stories with journalistic integrity.

Our long-term vision is to become a go-to news source for anyone wanting to understand this unique country we call home.